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Events Managment

Bikin’ Cyprus is a leading company - promoter of high standard Outdoors Sports Services in Cyprus. Our specialized field is the organization of events for several Outdoors sports such as Road Cycling, Mountainbiking, Running, Triathlon, Archery, Hiking etc.

We are able to organize events of different magnitude and for different sport groups, from World-standard events to events for amateurs or specifically designed for people who love sports as a hobby.

We also organize sport-oriented seminars and conferences


Below there is a list of the sectors in which we can provide our services: 

  • According to the client’s need we can select, propose and design the appropriate event for every occasion. Our wide range of expertise and knowledge is an asset that guarantees a successful event.
  • We can plan and follow all necessary steps in the correct and efficient programming of the event.
  • We can prepare an accurate budget for the event
  • In cooperation with the client we can prepare and design a Marketing plan for the event. 
  • We can organize, promote and assure broadcasting of the event and its sponsors in the Media (TV, Internet, Press etc)
  • For each event we can set up a press office that can cover the event locally as well as Internationally
  • Each event and evaluation is followed with analysis and conclusions reports.


Organizational services

Furthermore, our services are extended in the field- where the event takes place - with integrated solutions for perfect preparation of the event area.

We are experts in participants’ management. We can create the necessary databases according to the rules and regulations of each sport. The database for each event may include registrations, payment of fees, creation of participation lists, production of numbers, results etc.


Timing services

For the events timing and results management, we offer the latest technology for the timing of sport competitions, which gives us the opportunity to deliver RESULTS AT ANY TIME. With the use of the latest technology and precision-based equipment we can upload results on the Internet, print or send via e-mail, according to the requirements of the event.

Our fully equipped mobile “Race office” offers the possibility for full electronic office support and management of events’ data.

Along with the office facilities, the race office is equipped with a sound system for public information and direct information to all interested parties.

We can also produce bib numbers (or other ways of identification) for athletes and equipment.