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Sport Tourism

Sport Tourism

Sport tourism has become one of the hottest businesses in sports. It is already one of the fastest growing sectors of the global travel and tourism industry. In some countries, sport can account for as much as 25 percent of all tourism receipts.

Sport tourists are passionate, high-spending, enjoy new sporting experiences and can often stimulate other tourism. Their direct benefit to a destination is cash - their indirect benefit can be years of follow-on tourists. Sport tourism is now a tool to achieve many things - to profit, create thousands of new jobs and even help change cultural perceptions such as in the Middle East and South Africa.

Bikin’ Cyprus Events Management, a leader in the sports tourism sector in Cyprus, has developed over the years a well-structured network of partners that are ready to offer solutions to your needs.

We deliver Sports Tourism Consultancy in the tourism sector, Municipalities, teams or clubs and individuals

Our Consulting services include:

  • Sports facilities development
  • Stategic Planning
  • Analysis of the market needs for each sport


Training Camps

We offer services for organizing of training camps in Cyprus for Cycling (Road, Mountainbike, Downhill), Triathlon, Running and Football. Our network of partners is always there to serve your needs for a successful Training camp of your team or athletes.

We can offer you the best solutions for you accommodation and transportation in Cyprus and arrangements for Sports training facilities like stadiums, swimming pools, Cycle routes and other special needs.