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Timing Services

Timing Services

Amongst other quality services, timing is one of our strongest assets as we are a unique service provider in Cyprus. We work with cutting-edge technology equipment and with one of the most reliable timing systems worldwide (AMB timing system). Our system can offer to the event organizer the possibility to extract real time results and at any time during the event. At the same time these results can be uploaded or can be reproduced and transmitted Live on the event's website or any desired website.

Start lists, results and other race information can be sent anytime by email or uploaded to a server. There is also the capability for live timing in any screen of the event, for example in Journalists, speakers and commentators screens.   

In the Timing Services we provide a full package of solutions for any organizer of a sport event. The package includes: 

  • Participants’ Registration Management
  • Online and on-spot registration
  • Participation fee Solutions - online and on-spot
  • Personalized Start lists
  • Personalized Results lists
  • Bib-numbers production


Race Office

We provide the event's organizers with a fully equipped Race office, which is composed with all timing system hardware, printers, copiers, announcement system and more office facilities. The race office can function anywhere as it runs on power generator.